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Born in Mexico City, I started traveling the world from day one thanks to my beautiful parents. My father taught me to play guitar when I was 9 and when I was 13 I was lucky enough to join what became one of Latin America's most important Pop bands in the 90's and early 2000's thus starting my career in music. When I was 19 I discovered Skydiving. I now have 4 World Records and I teach people how to fly thus giving a little bit back to the sport which has given me so much. Somewhere along the way, like so many of us, I discovered the web and I was quickly fascinated by this thing called HTML and what it could do. I currently serve as Interactive Designer and Developer for M&C Saatchi LA. So, there it is. If you wanna get to know me a bit more please feel free to creep my facebook page, follow me on Twitter like my page in Google+ and Facebook or check out my LinkedIn

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