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I need an online codesnippet repo…this will be it Publishing Guidelines: Name–> sponsor_campaign_lengthxheight.swf: Primary (Flash): sponsor_campaign_728x90.swf Secondary (gif/jpg): sponsor_campaign_728x90.gif/jpg AS3 clickTAG (flash tracking) //Add to Actionscript layer import; importContinue Reading

Rastabus, Melrose and Other Stories

From Santa Monica to Hollywood…and back. So apparently the every day writing on Medium might be a little bit harder than I thought. In my defense I did a lotContinue Reading

And just like that I woke up and my life had started

I am 22 days late. If I was a woman this would have a complete different meaning. I am 22 days late with my commitment to write something, anything, everydayContinue Reading

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