Rastabus, Melrose and Other Stories

From Santa Monica to Hollywood…and back.

So apparently the every day writing on Medium might be a little bit harder than I thought. In my defense I did a lot of writing yesterday, just not here. Wait till the remodeling is over and I have a wall on my back. then, perhaps I can tell you all about The Rastabus and how I asked Flo, from the progressive commercials, to take a picture of me and her parents.

Sergio O'Farrill

Me – on the right – and Flo’s parents


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5 Responses to “Rastabus, Melrose and Other Stories”

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  3. I think they might be like those dog-things from Ghostbusters. Relatively normal people who have been perverted and used to the point they’ve become animals.Tell ‘em about the Twinkie!

  4. I am in the process of watching the entire rally again, via C-Span and I just noticed something I didn’t see before. If you will look at the closeups of Beck, you will see he appears to be wearing a bulletproof vest under his shirt. I could be wrong, but I am around a lot of police officers in my line of work and I know what the outline of a vest looks like. I am fairly certain Beck has one one.

  5. Entiendo que si las fuerzas que provocaron el fenómeno son las fuerzas de marea, la presión interna del cometa disminuyó en sentido radial (estiramiento hacia el centro de Júpiter) y solo aumentó en las direcciones transversales, (compresión).Es decir, suponiendo que el cometa inicialmente tuviese una forma cercana a la esfera, la tendencia era convertirse en un “puro”, alargado hacia el centro de Júpiter.Es decir, el cambio de hielo I a hielo VI se debió producir gracias al aumento de presión transversal, que no debió compensarse con la disminución de la presión en la dirección radial. Curioso.

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