In 1999 I jumped out of a flying airplane for the first time. When I landed my tandem instructor released my harness from the tandem rig and I dropped to the ground looking at the sky and laid there for five minutes trying to sink in what had just happened. Little did I know that I would never leave the sky after that. It is very hard to describe what flying really feels like and I'm not about to try here. All who have jumped know, and it is that feeling that makes the skydiving community so tight. In skydiving I found a way of living that goes beyond the passion. Not only did I find a great international family that shares that passion but I also found another calling in my life, teaching. It has been more than 9 years now since I took my first coach course with Rob Leidlaw and Skydive U. Since then I have adapted the different flying methods I've learned over the years to my own teachings, always learning from others and giving back to the sport what I can. I am a 5 times world record holder and freefly instructor both in the sky and in the windtunnel.

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